Through our Standing Committees and other ad hoc groups appointed by the President, we have several activities that are priorities for us as a club.

Public Service Event Support

The VARC provides volunteer support to local events such as the Run Through History and the Over the River Run.

Emergency Net

The MissLou Emergency Net is one of approximately a dozen VHF/UHF amateur radio networks convened regularly in Central Mississippi. The MissLou Emergency Net convenes on Sundays at 8PM Central Time, on frequency 147.27 +6 (100hz), call K5ZRO, and during periods of severe weather. The VARC is also the oldest SkyWarn affiliated radio club; member certification requires completion of the SkyWarn training course.

Technical Working Group

The Technical Working Group of the Vicksburg Amateur Radio Club has a page here.

Field Day Exercise

The ARRL has sponsored an annual Field Day activity at the end of June each year. It serves the main purpose of drill-and-practice for emergency communications services. But it is also a more general training exercise for working a “contest-like” event (scores are kept and reported), testing equipment in the field, and fellowship with other ham operators in the area. VARC sometimes collaborates with other area clubs in a joint Field Day Activity. But this is not something done every year.

Licensure and Training

We offer Technician and General level training courses followed by licensing exams for all three amateur radio license classes. Training and exams are offered periodically for a nominal fee. Classes are open to anyone, although class size is limited. Contact us for schedules.

VARC sponsors a variety of training exercises, including local “Fox Hunts,” a competitive activity in which operators use their radios to locate a hidden radio transmitter. Other portable operations are also conducted: a way to meet other area hams, see their equipment and make some contacts as well as learn how others do the same!

Get involved!

Please contact us for additional information regarding training and exam schedules, upcoming club activities, and more information on getting involved with the VARC at this email address: [email protected]

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