K5ZRO – 147.27 MHz FM

A net, short for “network of stations,” is an organized on-the-air activity. The MissLou Emergency Net, which is dedicated to training for emergency communications, meets each Sunday evening at 8:00 pm local time and other times as needed. The net takes place on the club repeater K5ZRO (147.27 MHz FM, +0.6 offset, PL 100 Hz). The club may also utilize an alternate repeater K5ZRO UHF (444.850 MHz FM, +5 MHz offset, PL 100 Hz) if the K5ZRO VHF repeater is inoperative.

The MissLou Emergency Net is a formal, or directed net with a single net control station (NCS) that manages its operation for a given session. The NCS operator calls the net to order at its designated start time, periodically calls for participants to join, listens for them to answer (or check in), keeps track of the roster of stations for that particular net session, and generally orchestrates the operation of the net. A different station is usually designated NCS for each net session. Overall operation and scheduling of NCS assignments and net sessions is managed by the net manager.

Aside from the weekly sessions, the MissLou Emergency Net may be activated for local emergencies, SKYWARN, and Amateur Radio Emergency Service ® (ARES ®) activations. When the MissLou Emergency Net is active, the repeater is closed to other activity.

You might be somewhat nervous the first time you check into a net. Listen carefully to see how it works, and when the NCS calls for check-ins, tell them it is your first net. They will take some extra time with you to help figure it out. Many new amateur radio operators find that checking into a net is the easiest way to make their first contact.