The Vicksburg ARC has the ability to give your FCC required amateur radio service license examination to you on a scheduled date and time. Our Volunteer Examiner team announces these licensing activities through this website. Contact Drew Bottemiller KG5OVR for more information about getting your license through VARC’s Volunteer Examining (VE) Team via the Club email account: [email protected].

There are quite a number of resources from which to study for the exam. One very popular (and a free download!) is Dan KB6NU’s No-Nonsense Study Guide for the Technician License. (Click the link for his page.) He has others for upgrading, too, but he charges for those. Great reading.

The American Radio Relay League (ARRL) has for-purchase study guides at this page on their website: The question pools with answers are also available: also has flash cards, practice examinations, and the question pools at their website.

There are many others and your favorite Internet search engine can be a useful tool. Some are free while some are commercially available. It’s your choice but feel free to contact our VE Team for advice and recommendations!

Some terms used in amateur radio in glossary form are available here. The very popular writer, also an amateur radio operator, Don Keith N4KC, has published THE AMATEUR RADIO DICTIONARY: THE MOST COMPLETE GLOSSARY OF HAM RADIO TERMS EVER COMPILED. It’s worth a read for sure! Be sure to look as his other books, too.