No Pickle is Safe from this Ham!

Gordon West WB6NOA will be the speaker at VARC’s November meeting! The picture above is an example of Gordo cooking a pickle using RF energy. In honor of Gordo’s popular tradition, the Club will give away a fresh bottle of pickles to someone in attendance.

WB6NOA is a long-time member of the Ham Nation video podcast team, along with Bob Heil K9EID. He has trained an uncountable number of new amateur radio enthusiasts over the years and stands at the ready to help other hams.

Gordon West WB6NOA

Gordo is a prolific club speaker. Frank K4FMH, who arranged this presentation, said that Gordon West was one of the first nationally visible hams who spoke to the Starkville MS Magnolia ARC when it was being rebuilt. “Gordo understands that getting other hams to speak to local clubs is an instrumental reason for members to attend meetings.” VARC member Gerald Ashley W5GLA said, “I met Gordo one year at Quartzfest in Arizona. He is a force of nature in amateur radio!”

Here’s what Gordo says he will speak on in our upcoming meeting:

Gordon West, WB6NOA, brings in the recorded sounds of hams live in an emergency. From ham operators at the scene of a vehicle accident, to hurricanes with trees down, and the panic of a ham in the Pacific on a sinking ship, you will hear it all with Gordo narrated snippets of hams calling out for help. LEARN what it takes to get the message through on the first call!