Fall 2018 VARC Fox Hunt
Fall 2018 VARC Fox Hunt


The VARC is a pretty diverse group. We have folks who have grown up with amateur radio, and folks who have gotten interested later in life, for a variety of reasons. We are young and old; professionals and homemakers; experienced operators and complete beginners.

What our members all have in common is an interest in ham radio and a sincere desire to encourage and help others who would like to get started with radio. Recent events have shown us that communities need to be better prepared for emergencies on a large scale. Communication is crucial to effective response in the hours and days following a disaster, but as was abundantly illustrated by conditions in Puerto Rico following hurricane Maria, customary communication channels may be cut off for extended periods following such an event; family members in the United States waited days – even weeks – before they were able to communicate with relatives in Puerto Rico and even then communication was often second hand. Communication was also a challenge for responders following Hurricane Katrina as well. Amateur radio operators and ham radio systems may therefore play an important role in disaster response. Ham operators can also serve their communities in other ways, monitoring and reporting during severe weather conditions and providing communications support for public events.

Whether your interest is emergency preparedness, community service, or you would just like to talk to people from distant places, you can find fellowship, challenge AND fun in the VARC.

Come join us for a "fox hunt", and see for yourself!

VARC Charter member, Laimon Lamb, K5ZRO
VARC Charter member, Laimon Lamb, K5ZRO

VARC History

The Vicksburg Amateur Radio Club has been affiliated with Skywarn since 1979, and is the oldest affiliated group in Mississippi. Believed to have been organized prior to WW2, there are no written records documenting club activities prior to 1965, the earliest date for which records have been found. The club repeater, K5ZRO, is a vanity call originally held by club charter member, Laimon L. Lamb, pictured here, along with an early QSL (contact confirmation) card.

1961 QSL card of L.L. Lamb, the original K5ZRO

VARC Officers

The VARC owes much of its vibrance to the current club leadership, who volunteer countless hours organizing training and other activities, and to acquiring, installing and maintaining the equipment upon which the club depends.

Jerry 1500 x 1750 300 dpi

Jerry Lamb



Jerry is a US Air Force veteran and is currently Solutions Engineer for a technology global leader. Jerry is an Amateur Extra and has been licensed since 1998. His interest include reading, playing guitar, being outdoors, and of course, amateur radio direction finding. Jerry is an advocate of “Spay and Neuter Your Pets”.

Chris Dunn

Chris Dunn


Vice President

Chris’ experience in communications began while he was still in high school, where he helped install and maintain emergency equipment in police cars and fire trucks.  He became a ham in 1993, and currently holds an Amateur Extra class license; Chris is also an ARRL Volunteer Examiner.  He and his wife, Wanda (KC5IBO) enjoy traveling and spending time with their dog, Trooper.

Drew Bottemiller



Drew is a US Navy veteran and a retired manager from Entergy. Drew is Extra Class Amateur and is also an ARRL certified instructor. He has been married to his wife, Jenny (KG5YEE), since 1975. Drew enjoys working on vintage equipment and ham radio experimentation. Drew is also instructor for VARC sponsored licensing classes.